Karan Batra & his Chartered Club

Karan Batra & his Chartered Club

Karan Batra is the founder of Chartered Club, which is an online platform personal finance and taxation needs of an Individual.

Aim of Chartered Club

The aim of Chartered Club is to teach finance to non-finance persons and help them manage their money in a better way. The firm not only help them increase their income but also help them reduce their tax liability. The experts in the team break down the complex structure of finance and tax laws in simple words for the common man to understand himself.

Started in 2009

The club made its start in the year 2009. It was started by Karan as a community group on Orkut. He used Orkut, as the social site was more active then as compared to Facebook. When Facebook started growing fast, Karan simultaneously started the club’s account on a Facebook page.

Facebook page Chartered Club

Now, the page has over 3.7 lakh members. Initially, when he was a CA. Final student in 2009, he used to visit the ICAI Library very frequently. He had requested his library friends to like his page. In order to get more likes – he had told people about the benefits of joining Facebook and then had requested them to join his page as well.

Advantages of Facebook page

Karan started this club in 2009 as he felt the CA’s were not much connected with each other at that time. By the help of starting a facebook page, he was able to connect with them, able solve his own problems and to solve the problem of the whole world.

Website Chartered Club

As the process was going on like this, Karan found the online world very exciting so he thought not to join any consulting firm and chose to build a community. In such a way the website Chartered Club grew and the portal is now ranked quite high both in India and worldwide as well. Every year, the website attracts close to 25 million views. The portal is ranked quite high both in India and globally as well. The website attracts close to 25 million views every year.


The Chartered club provides interactions between CA and another CA, connects CA’s and CA Students and also has interactions between CA’s and the common man. In an interview, Karan said that the club was created primarily to bring about interactions between CA to CA and to connect CA’s and CA Students with each other. After realizing that common man faces a lot of issues with respect to CA linked work that issue was also solved through the club.

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