Karl Coelho- A man who travelled 14000 kms in bike learns many things in life

Karl Coelho- A man who travelled 14000 kms in bike learns many things in life
Pic: Karl Coelho

This man named Karl Coelho is simply incredible. He has travelled awesome 14000 kms for 40 days in his Harley Davison bike and touched countries like Myanmar, Bangkok etc. In his long journey he learnt few things.

Riding bike is better than flying

This Karl Coelho is very passionate in driving bikes and always wants to ride alone as it would be thrilling and enjoying. The Harley Davidson bike of his has got 1600 cc engine and he has customized it 90% as per his driving style.

The word ‘’Please’’ is very important

He faced lots of hurdles during his travel from Goa to Indore and Varnasi. Then to Sikkim to Nagaland and Manipur through Assam the roads were bad. In Assam his fuel was totally empty and he pleaded with petrol pump person for some petrol. He reached Thailand with damaged bike and got it repaired there.

Indian Army always helps

It must be noted that in the northeast the Indian Army helped this Karl so that he could go on setting the record.

Whatever is real is scary sometimes

While crossing the India- Myamnar using an iron bridge at the Manipur border he felt that it was very risky as the bridge did not have planks as they were so old.

New city can also be empty

When he entered Napyitaw which is the new capital of Myanmar there were big roads but no people at all and he was shocked.

Sunday holiday

To his surprise he found that Sunday was a holiday in Thailand and nobody was available to fix his bike until Harley Davidson helped him.

Apply mind totally and stay focused

Karl learnt that nothing is impossible when mind is applied totally and it is well directed towards work.

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