Kavyashree Mallanna-The Queen in Chess!

For Kavyashree Mallanna chess is her passion and an integral part of her life. She has been an Indian National Player, USCF ‘Expert’ Rated Player, one of New England’s top chess players,World Chess Federation International Organizer and an accomplished Coach.

Kavyashree Mallanna-The Queen in Chess!

Her company ‘Celestial Minds,’ is a foundation which uplifts social conditions across the world through their ‘Outreach’ program .They aim to enrich, inspire and make a difference in lives and popularize chess in the needy group.

They believe in their motto “Express through Chess”.Through various fund raiser events they have sponsored a chess-talented child with cerebral palsy, donated to local NGOs, sent chess equipment to needy groups, have organised chess camps for deaf girls .They have organized events that have provided platform for young talents whose proceeds are donated to charity.

She believes that one must enjoy and have fun while playing chess.She loves to share the knowledge of chess .She feels Chess as a game helps to develop lateral thinking, handle multiple tasks, have a holistic view and approach, and balance a situation.She believes that we must always be active, be energetic and faithful, and we can  accomplish our objective. Enthusiasm and passion is the key to success in any field.

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