‘Kerry On Kutton’ Hindi Movie has all the fun and dialoguebaazi in UP style

‘Kerry On Kutton’ Hindi Movie has all the fun and dialoguebaazi in UP style

Almost every film which is being made in India now days has something different in it. Film makers are making more experimental films. They want to make films which they like. Audience is getting chance to watch films on new topics almost every week.

Directed by Ashok Yadav, ‘Kerry On Kutton’ is new Hindi movie. Satyajeet Dubey, Karan Mahavar, Aradhana Jagota & Aditya Kumar starrer this movie has all the fun and dialoguebaazi in UP style. This film is releasing on 1st July 2016.

Story of the film revolves around 4 teenage lives that are experiencing a slanted upbringing tangled in UP’s famous small town of Baliya. This movie has fun, masti, romance, crime and beautifully written dialogues.

‘Kerry On Kutton’ will remind you of Delhi Belly, Masaan and Gangs of Wasseypur kind of films because of it’s dialogues. You will have full laughter watching Kerry ½ virgin launda, Kadambari (Jhun Jhuna) wannabe businessman, Suraj touchy launda, Jyoti the pain cooler. Look forward to watch ‘Kerry On Kutton’

Watch Trailer of the movie ‘Kerry On Kutton’

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