Kevin Durrant – This basketball player gave a long inspirational speech for his 2013-14 NBA MVP award and is touching


USA based Kevin Durrant is a popular basketball player with superb fan following. This Washington DC born Kevin Durant basketball playing skills are extraordinary and he has won ”NBA Most Valuable Player Award”, ”NBA Scoring Titles” and others like ”NBA Rookie of the Year Award”.

It is great to note that this Kevin Durrant also has two Olympic gold medals and is a excellent player who has caught the attention of many all over. It must be noted that winning the NBA MVP award is very special for him and his acceptance speech he gave for the 2013-14 NBA MVP award was spoken greatly by many as it was so touching.

It is important to note that Kevin Durrant spoke about his loving mother who was responsible for his popularity now. He praised his mother for many sacrifices she did for her son. Kevin Durrant further spoke about how his mom made sure that her son got food and she slept without any food for her. He also said that his mother was the real Most Valuable Player or MVP. Not only he thanked his dear mom but also he thanked his team mates and Russell Westbrook and said they all played their part for him winning the coveted award now.

It was sensational that he was ruthless in his action this time around and he dominated many teams with his remarkable talent and skills. His inspirational speech was highly effective and it made his team Oklahoma City Thunder players to perform superbly and beat the opponents Clippers. Great Kevin Durrant!!

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