Kheraj Choudhary: Inspiring Story of Coolie’s Son who Cracks AIPMT

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We have heard of so many stories of rags to riches and the common things in all such stories are sheer hard work, passion, and dedication because, if one really wants to do something then for sure one can, doesn’t matter whatever the circumstances are. We got to know about a same sort of story few days’ back, when a nineteen year old youth Kheraj Choudhary, whose father works as a coolie at Jodhpur railway station, cracked the All India Pre-Medical test by securing 285th rank. Kheraj did all his study till class VIII at his village school and then his father, named as Jugataram Choudhary took him to Jodhpur for further studies while he himself worked as a coolie there at railway station.

By understanding the actual essence of all the hard work of his father, Kheraj dedicated every second of his life towards his goal with absolute concentration, without being affected by any sort of smooth sailings, short cuts, or ostentatious desires because of which sometimes youths turn deviated.

Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way: It’s a common saying that sums up the will power and indomitable spirit of Kheraj with the help of which he achieved his dream of becoming a Doctor. Kheraj who is the son of Railway Porter Jugataram and belong to a small village Sarnu in Rajasthan has passed the AIPMT exam for the admission in medical college against all odds and difficulties. Kheraj said in one of his interviews, “I had spent my entire time in Kota wearing the uniform of the coaching institute as I did not have money to buy another pair of clothes,”. Achieving such a success despite extremely challenging situations needs a real will power as Kheraj has.

Inspirational bonding of Father and Son: Father of Kheraj, Jugataram himself holds a B.Ed degree but he started working as a railway porter or coolie after failing to secure any government job. That’s why he always motivated his son to do hard work and in a way of that he promised his son to get him admitted in a medical coaching institute for the proper preparation of medical entrance exams if he gets more than 75% marks in class twelfth. And when Kheraj scored 79% marks in his class twelfth examination, Jugataram got him admitted in a medical coaching institute by doing lots of hard work for that.

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Humbleness & Understandability: Remembering the hard work of his father, Kheraj said, “My father kept his promise and got me admitted in a coaching institute in Kota for which he collected the fee amount from every possible source,”. Parents always do as much as they can for their children but soul-fully understanding efforts of parents and doing effort according to do that is something that everyone should try to understand from Kheraj’s story.

Optimistic Approach: Jugataram collected needed money for Kheraj’s fee from all the ways he could and Kheraj was doing all hard work by wearing his institute’s uniform all the time but despite all this his struggles did not end here. Kheraj could not make any position in his first attempt but he did not lose courage and then he prepared harder and secured 285th rank in his second attempt. Jugataram continuously works day and night for repaying the loan of around 1 Lakh that he had taken from various sources for the coaching of Kheraj. Jugataram also had a dream of becoming a teacher but he could not make it but he is absolutely confident of his another dream to make his son a doctor and the first hurdle in completion of that dream is already cleared. This is how optimism constructively channelizes life towards successes.

Dream big; Work hard; Dreams do Come True: The remarkable efforts of Father and son is absolutely praiseworthy and kudos to both of them as they did not give up upon their dreams despite so many obstacles and now they are on the way of achieving their dreams. Kheraj is absolutely humble and grounded now and he says that he owes all his success to his father and teachers and he is now hopeful of getting an admission in any top rated medical college.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going: Story of Kheraj proves that when the situation becomes difficult, only those who are strong enough to work harder will survive. Basically when we are in any sort of tough situation, absolute dedication and zeal to become a winner help us in being calm-down and focus on what we need to do for achieving that goal in the most effective and satisfying manner. Story of Kheraj teaches how one should keep going on and win against all odds.

Determination and ability open the Closed Doors: If we analyze all the hard work and determination of Kheraj and his Father then it absolutely seems true that whatever lies behind us and whatever lies ahead of us are nothing but tiny matters compared to what lies within us. And that is why seeing right perspective and doing continuous result oriented constructive work matter. One thing that for sure we can conclude from the success of Kheraj is anything that seems quite big or difficult in our lives is basically quite small compared to the determination and ability of our spirit.

Like Kheraj’s story, most of the significant achievements in the world have been accomplished by those people who kept on trying at that time when there seemed to be no any hope at all, but still they tried and achieved what they wanted. So it has to be understood that we are braver than what we believe and if next time anyone is in any difficult situation then they have to keep on trying in right direction and for sure they will overcome all the challenges quite enthusiastically in the most appropriate manner.

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