Kiara Nirghin- This 16 year old girl of Indian origin has now won the top prize at the Google Science Fair and is sensational


Many Indian origin students are doing superbly these days and get the attention of many all over. One such is Kiara Nirghin who is studying in South African High School.

It is superb to note that this 16 year old Kiara Nirghin proved her talent at the famous annual Google’s Science Fair and by this she has become cynosure of many eyes.

It is sensational to hear that Kiara Nirghin has won the top prize of $ 50,000 worth scholarship as her work was highly applauded at the science fair in USA. It is interesting to note that she made super absorbent material by using orange peels and this material is cheap and it can be used to help soil in retaining water. It is sad and shocking to note that many parts in South Africa were severely damaged by drought and peoples living in those areas have found lives tough.

Kiara Nirghin project whose objective was to lessen the drought there was outstanding and she was spoken highly by many at the science fair in USA. Her project titled ‘’No More Thirsty Crops’’ stood above the other projects submitted at the fair. She created material using orange peels and avocado fruits and it is amazing. Magnificant Kiara Nirghin!! You inspire many now.

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