Kiara Nirghin- This teenager from South Africa has invented a polymeric material that could fight drought


Many inventions over the years have been spoken highly by many all over as they created great impact on the society. One such invention by a teen girl Kiara Nirghin has been spoken in great esteem now.

This 16 year old girl from South Africa has won the prestigious Community Impact Award from Google for her magnificent discovery of finding a super absorbent polymeric material and it could be used to fight the drought problems. Stupendous isn’t it!!

It is shocking to note that millions of household in the country of South Africa are facing worst water crisis because of severe drought. It has affected eight out of the nine provinces in South Africa.It must be noted that about one billion dollars in government subsidies to provide help to the farmers in these drought affected places have been sought. Kiara Nirghins project titled ‘’No More Thirsty Crops’’ have been spoken greatly by many at the Google’s Science Fair and it won her an award also.

The great news about her is she had made a polymeric material using orange peel and skins of avocado and this super absorbent polymer or SAP can store water 100 times its own weight. Farmers could be benefited now as their crops could be maintained at low cost now by the discovery of this super talented Kiara. This had made Program leader of Google’s Science Fair Andrea Cohan speak greatly about Kiara and she praised Kiara for finding a cost efficient material using orange peel. Superb Kiara Nirghin!!

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