Kiran Desai- Inheriting writing talent

Kiran Desai- Inheriting writing talent-1

Kiran Desai is an Indian author and was born on 3rd September 1971 in New Delhi. The initial years of her life were spent in Mumbai and Pune. Kiran completed her schooling at the Cathedral and John Connon School before leaving for England at the age of 14. She spent a year in England along with her mother and then moved on to the United States of America. Desai graduated from Bennington College in 1993 and also received two M.F.A.’s from Columbia University and Hollins University.

As the daughter of three-time Booker Prize nominee Anita Desai, Kiran did follow into her mother’s footsteps and chose writing as her career. And she did quite well, considering the fact that she was the winner of the Booker Prize in 2006 for her novel, The Inheritance of Loss which received world-wide critical acclaim.

Kiran Desai- Inheriting writing talent-1

Her first novel, Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard was published in 1998 and told the story of a young man who takes up residence in a guava tree and is hailed as a prophet by the locals, for his accurate prophecies. Kiran’s effort fetched her the Betty Trask Prize from the British Society of Authors and praise from all.

It took Kiran seven long years to produce her second novel and after moving across to Mexico from New York and later on to India, she published her second novel, The Inheritance of Loss in 2006.  She gave an amazing description of terrorism, globalization and immigration which was hailed by critics and readers as a masterpiece. She became the youngest female writer to receive the Booker Prize in 2007 for this brilliant rendition of a story that was set in the 1980’s in India.

Kiran was also the proud recipient of the Berlin Prize Fellowship in 2013 from the American Academy in Berlin.

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