Kshitij Mehra- An epic struggle to success!

This story is about Kshitij Mehra’s personal struggle as an individual, fighting desperately to grab a foothold in the world of entrepreneurship. Kshitij was studying to becoming a Chartered Accountant but quit when in the final year. He was always in need of a job but entrepreneurship was where his heart was and he was ready to do anything for it.


Sitting in a small room in Zirakpur near Chandigarh, Kshitij was preparing for the next day when he had to meet the co-ordinator for a school in Rajpura. He was down to his last Rs 50 and was hungry but couldn’t spend it on dinner as he needed the money for travel to Rajpura. Kshitij had conducted a free introductory workshop for the school children and was expecting payment for the registrations. He was late for the rent to the landlord, had no money to make calls and had absolutely no back-up.

Kshitij had decided to ask the school co-ordinator for an early payment to tide over the coming days. He decided to walk to the bus stop, about two kilometres away from his home in order to save money. The ticket to Rajpura cost him Rs 35 leaving Rs 15 in his pocket for the return journey. Unfortunately the bus decided to take a detour and dropped him on the highway, about three kilometres away from the school. Left with no option but to walk, Mehra began trudging tired and hungry towards the school, when he met a man on a scooter who agreed to drop him to the school.

Kshitij decided to tell the school co-ordinator that he had forgotten his wallet at home and needed some money to return home, he walked into the school with a heavy heart. As they say, Luck always favours the brave, and imagine Kshitij’s relief when the co-ordinator asks him to collect Rs 25000 that they had received as registration fees.

Kshitij’s dedication and efforts paid off. Today Kshitij Mehra is the founder of Yuvshaala, an organization that works solely towards enlightening children and their parents about the various career options available and working as a counsellor and guide, preparing them for a better future. Kshitij’s Yuvshaala was born in the year 2010 with exclusive focus on the children in villages with very low access to the newer career ideas and options around them.

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