Kumaran M creates a new record of paddling the Tso Ltak Lake at 16,618 feet !

Pic: softlinkweb.com

Kumaran M who works as a Lead Operation Geologist at Cairn India is paddle record holder.Yes you read it right , he is the first person to paddle across Tso Ltak Lake that lies at 16,618 feet at the world’s third-highest motorable road last week .And the best part is he is also using paddling to spread awareness about the importance of conserving water bodies. Environmentalist Kumaran M, is a three-time Limca book record holder.  His last record was when he paddled Suraj Tal lake at an altitude of 16,000 feet.

When he was paddling near Chang La pass he faced acute mountain sickness .Kumaran travelled from Delhi to Manali to Leh, thus crossing the world’s three highest motorable passes. There was change in his plan of flying to Srinagar due to curfew. During his journey, he suffered from mild to moderate acute mountain sickness, along with headache and shortness of breath, still he paddled for 45 minutes.The weather was also good since it was September weather in Ladakh.

Luckily there was no fall into the waters else it could have led to hypothermia a sudden drop in body temperature. He feels that his experiences at Chennai sea has helped him to paddle without any fall.

He has few challenges too like some of the high altitude lakes have a religious connection and hence do not allow human intervention. Also few of these high altitude lakes are at Indo-China border, which requires certain permissions to be taken which is tough to get.Nevertheless he loves his passion !

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