Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai: Community Impact Award Winner at Google Science Fair

Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai-1-TN
Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai while working on her Project

Access to pure drinking water continues to be one of the key problems plaguing the country today. With a more a billion-strong populace, providing quality drinking water to all is a daunting challenge. In order to meet the demand, the Gen-X of the country is doing its brainy bit to help find innovative solutions. Ninth-grader Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai from Odisha has given life to one such solution which has won her the ‘Community Impact Award’ at the coveted Google Science Fair this year.

Unique Water-Purifier

Sripada has brainstormed and designed a unique water-purifier that used wasted cobs as its main component. The water purifier is essentially economical and bio-absorbent. If the device is put into effect many believe it should come in handy in solving the water problems in the rural areas of Odisha, where Sripada is based.

Taking Top Honors

Sripada’s unique innovation has rewarded her the competition’s top cash-prize which is $10,000. Sripada top-ranked in the 13-15 years age-category. Furthermore the bright girl will receive all the backing and support from the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California, to further develop her project.

Proud Moment

Sripada’s school’s principal and teachers at DPS Damanjodi are all in praise for their student’s achievement overseas. Speaking to the print media, the school’s headmaster, Trinath Prasad Padhi, said that a “major function on the school campus” is in the works for Sripada when she returns home.

Taking the Rural Route

Sripada self-admittedly says she loves to “visit nearby villages to observe their lifestyle.” She is full of appreciation for the way the rural people lead their lives “in harmony with their surroundings by utilizing natural resources, without affect the ecological web.”

Find more details about her Project

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