Laura Barr- This former nurse fought cancer bravely and is now inspiring many people in their lives with her great attitude


Not many people in this world can be like this Laura Barr. The superb piece of news that would surprise many is this former nurse fought from her death and is now sharing her superb story with others to inspire them. It is sad that Laura Barr was diagnosed with rare form of brain tumour and has fought this dreaded cancer with determination even though her family lost hope that she would survive. Remarkable isn’t it!!

Recently she was present during the inauguration of the largest shop in Scotland belonging to cancer research and it was the Phoenix retail Park. This Laura Barr gave inspiring speech at the opening and surprised many people there with her sensational touching speech. Laura Barr spoke about her delight in the opening of such a big store that would provide help to people with cancer and said it was a positive move that would bring many changes.

Laura Barr shared her thoughts about how she came from the rock bottom of her life and her family also lost hope that she would survive. She also spoke about how she is presently living her life to the maximum. Laura Barr also said that her story would be inspirational to many who have this cancer and would enable them to fight cancer and live successfully.

It was in the year 2014 this Laura Barr was diagnosed with cancer and at that time she was working as a nurse in Royal Alexandria Hospital. Now this superstore of size 4916 sq ft would sell products below 3 pounds for the benefit of many people with cancer. Superb!!

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