Lawsolva: Startup creating platform to resolve your legal issues

Lawsolva Startup creating platform to resolve your legal issues

Efficiency can be achieved only through disruption. There are many Startups in India who are using innovative ways to do value addition and ease in everything we do. Lawsolva is another startup who with their innovation is in the process of tackling legal issues. Here’s our full interview with the founders of Lawsolva.

Please let us know about your venture and how it’s different from others?

Lawsolva is an open platform for everyone to discuss and enquire about their “legal queries”. We provide users with the ease to book office and online appointments through One gets get solid legal advice while they sit at home and via personal meetings.

Whether business related or personal you get quick expert advice from experienced lawyers across the nation through our Consult Chat and “Alleys” features.

Following the Q and A- “Alleys” feed regularly would help individuals to know about the legal issues of the society and the procedures involved to sort them out. Also the users can learn from the experience of other lawyers and sharpen their approach to handle their legal suits.

We serve the purpose for lawyers to connect with their potential clients and get noticed for their work and achievements by their contemporaries by providing online profile and feedback ratings. Lawyers have the liberty of setting their consultation charges for various modes. We remove geographical and time limitation in the legal consultations as well.

Users can book office and online appointments through this platform. There is no need to switch to other platform for video, voice, or text consultation. So no more additional usernames and passwords to remember. Everything can be managed through our in-house appointment and consultation module. We aim at removing the obstacles that individuals and lawyers face in connecting with each other. Currently we have over 550 legal experts with us of which 103 lawyers are from Supreme Court of India

At Lawsolva we provide the user with hassle free legal knowledge, guidance and advice. With multiple channels of consultation, Legal advisory has never been more congenial, time-efficient and pocket friendly.

When someone is in need of legal advice, his state of mind is definitely a bit stressed. In such moments, the legal professionals may misdirect him .This is definitely one aspect of the problem we want to solve.

We listen and understand the legal issue of the person before he hires a legal professional. After scrutinizing the details, we guide him to the lawyer best suited for his legal needs.

We provide the legal first-aid that everyone should get before getting involved in the lengthy procedures.

Lawyers are listed at our website at transparent pricing, and that sure creates transparency in the legal consultations. The user is never oblivious of the charges he is going to pay at the end of a consultation or hiring.

When you are driving in an unfamiliar terrain, it is always advisable to ask for directions. Our case manager makes sure that you reach out to the right legal professional.

Bar Council of India (BCI), has said 30% of all lawyers in India are fake, holding fraudulent law degrees. We list lawyers at LawSolva after a stringent verification process and to make sure of his expertise in his specialization.

How did you get the idea to start this?

After graduating as a computer engineer in 2012, Amandeep Kakkar started pursuing L.L.B from Panjab University. During his internship in 2013 at High court, Chandigarh the engineer within couldn’t ignore the roof-touching piles of paperwork. In the coming days he realized that the only medium the client had to reach the lawyer was through references viz., lawyers, friends or relatives in court. A vital need of a digital platform to make the lawyer directly accessible to the client was felt .There had to be an ecosystem where hassle- free legal solutions could be accessed.

The internship was over but the idea stuck. He discussed this thought with, Paras Vij, a full time techie, during a weekend visit to Chandigarh. Initial brainstorming sessions led to the completion of the founding team. Abhay Panwar, who is a techie and an old pal from engineering college, was roped into the team. Further discussions led to the refinement of the platform which widened the scope of idea.

Let us know about the people who are behind this venture?

Our team comprises of two techies and an advocate. We have great interest in solving the problems that need attention. We have mixed our legal expertise and technical brilliance to create Lawsolva.

Lawsolva Startup creating platform to resolve your legal issues

Have you got any kind of funding, if not do you have any such plans?

Currently we are bootstrapping, we would be looking to raise funds in the coming months.

How big is your team size and from which location do you operate?

We are team of three people and are dedicated towards the development of the legal -tech ecosystem. We operate from Chandigarh and Mohali.

What are your future plans?

Our mission is that nobody suffers a bad litigation ever again. We plan to bring over 3000 verified expert lawyers on our platform by the end of financial year 2016-17. We aim to provide users with hassle-free legal guidance, support and solutions.

We are coming up with app soon. So your lawyer is going to be right in your pocket.

Which is one thing which motivates you to be in this field?

I love the quote “The best way to predict the future is to make it”.

I think the biggest motivation is to be able to reach out to people and fulfill their requirements through use of technology. Gradually every service is going online. To make that transition and to be able to set new conventions in the legal domain is a great kick in itself.

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