Learn about Alyssa Ramos the solo woman traveller who enjoyed her month long vacation in India !

Pic: news18.com

Solo travelling is the latest trend in today’s world .People get thrill in travelling alone and women are no less.

Alyssa Ramos is one such amazing lady who loves to travel and guess what she has already travelled across 6 continents, crossing 44 countries ! Wow ! She left with her GoPro and on she went over the cliffs, through the waterfall and loads of adventure.She has also started a blog My Life’s A Travel Movie.Her Instagram account has more than 60,000 followers with inspiring posts that will makes us quit our jobs and get going !

She spent a month-long vacation in India.She felt that India helped her to get a deeper cultural immersion compared to other Asian countries that she had visited earlier.She feels that India has a rich culture.She had heard a lot negative reactions about India which made her attract to India more and she really a great time and she covered the beautiful cities of New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mumbai, and Goa.She felt each city was different in its own way.Rajasthan was simply beautiful! Jaipur was more tourism focused with its happy people who are proud of its culture. She enjoyed the blue houses of Jodhpur and its palaces.

She loved India for its diversity right from the religions to the customs to the languages.She even learnt how to drape a saree which is again different in its own way.She also loved the food in India with her favourite being paneer butter masala with garlic naan, masala tea, and a sweet lassi .She loved India and its people, along with Bollywood and cricket.

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