Leaving apart all controversies this is how Sanjaya Baru defines Dr. Manmohan Singh, is an inspiring one

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Sanjaya Baru is a known name in Indian Political world. His book “The Accidental Prime Minister” on former Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is considered to be as one of the most explosive books in Indian politics. Though he discussed many good things about the former Prime Minister in his book but mostly media highlighted only those selected parts which could dent the image of the then Prime Minister.

Here we are sharing a paragraph from an Interview of Sanjaya Baru where he talks about struggle full life of Dr. Manmohan Singh and thinks that Manmohan Singh’s ascent is a more compelling narrative than Barack Obama’s.

Here is a guy who lived in a very rural village in Punjab which is now part of Pakistan. There was no electricity, no school, no hospital, no modern infrastructure associated with modern life. He had to walk miles to go to school, his mother dies early, his father’s never there, he’s being brought up by his grandmother, and then finally he moves to live with an uncle in order to get an education.

And all of this is happening until he’s 12 years of age. And then by the time he’s 22, he’s at Cambridge. And then does his Ph.D. from Oxford and gets an international job, so that career track is a remarkable career track.

Obama’s starting point was not as low as Manmohan Singh’s starting point, and Obama’s rise was not as sharp.

Source: nytimes.com

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