Leo- He teaches self-hypnosis to people so that they could overcome fears

Leo- He teaches self-hypnosis to people so that they could overcome fears
Pic: newindianexpress.com

A person named Magic Leo is very popular these days. He is involved in teaching self-hypnosis to many people. It is said that his teachings are creating superb impact in many people’s lives. This self-hypnosis could be used in controlling the thoughts and emotions plus it also helps people in overcoming fears and addictions. His self-hypnosis does not work on people having psychiatric issues as they need medical help.

According to Leo conversational hypnosis plays a huge role in lives and he feels happy that this hypnosis could bring many changes in the lives of many. He is also of the view that conversation with others could be controlled when compared to controlling the conversation with oneself.

This Leo had not forgotten his past when he met a travelling magician who taught Leo some tricks. It is interesting to note that Leo worked as in-house magician at Kozhikode’s ‘’Magic World’’ and amazed many there. Leo became popular when he performed magic for a children’s forest programme that was organized by Organization for Industrial Scientific Cultural Advancement or OISCA.

It is amazing that he had adapted the magic styles of two noted magicians named Paul Daniels and David Copperfield and Leo says that they were unique and these two have amazed many people amazed with their bag of tricks. According to Leo going against basic human nature is wrong and his form of hypnosis is said to make people do anything and is powerful. Superb Leo!!

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