Life of a Celebrity’s Bodyguard: Behind every great celebrity there surely is a bodyguard

Life of a Celebrity Bodyguard Behind every great celebrity there surely is a bodyguard
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Imagine a star without a bodyguard, making his way through the crowds, or for that matter, can you even imagine that. Certainly not. Let us laterally invert the picture now, and try to observe what this bodyguard has in his life to teach us. There are pros and cons of every profession, one may indulge, that syncs with being a bodyguard as well. Let us discuss them.

Positives of being a celebrity bodyguard

High Paying Job

Bodyguards in India starts their career somewhere around 15k to 20k a month and go on to lacs in some years. After getting good experience in India, many of them head towards the west and end up making as good as 50-60 lacs 20 years down the line. Not only this, this is just the usual monthly paycheque. Celebrities have many trips throughout the year to many countries, include them as perks – staying in 5-stars, travelling to countries a usual buddy from a distant village would have hardly heard of and what not.

Financial help in time of crisis

Stars earn huge and that’s why they can afford somebody guarding them. So in case, something goes wrong for a bodyguard in his personal life, it is sure shot to be helped.

Enjoys luxury

A bodyguard has an extremely luxurious lifestyle because he has to move almost all the time with the star only. Moving in luxury cars along with the celebs, travelling on chartered planes, and what not, and all this, is just a daily affair for a bodyguard.

Can eat and drink in 5 stars and parties

A bodyguard has the leverage of eating and drinking in 5-star hotels and extremely elite parties. Of course, their primary job is still in focus, but that does not mean, they get no time to get a bite off the pie.

Can feel proud

Imagine the bodyguard of SRK, or Priyanka Chopra, for that matter. Do you think they are going to tell you that they work as a bodyguard? Well certainly not. He is going to tell you that he guards SRK. This is real achievement, and no offences for being proud of it.

Negatives of being a celebrity bodyguard

Meeting personal favors

Celebrites have too much to do in much less time. They need somebody to help them constantly all the time. As the bodyguard has to accompany him everywhere in public places.

Working round the clock

There are no fixed working hours in this profession, like most others. The guard has to sleep after the celeb and wake up before him.

Less vacations

There needs to be a guard to replace a guard, the celeb has to be with one. So, one can understand how less time does the guard has for himself, and how difficult is it go for long vacations.

Extensive travel

As the celeb travels a lot, the bodyguard has to travel equally. For somebody who does not like travelling, its something not meant for. You just need to be on your toes.

Facing rude behaviour of celebrities

Celebs are extremely busy and occupied, and often when you do too much, its just not possible to be right always. When things don’t work, anybody can get frustrated after a point. The one closest to them is the bodyguard only and hence, has to face it like a lame cow.

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