Liza Golden Bhojwani-This USA based super model has fought many body image issues and is inspiring many now

Picture Credit: Karan Bhojwani

Liza Golden Bhojwani is a name to reckon with in the modelling world. It is important to note that this pretty girl Liza Golden Bhojwani has appeared on the covers of many famous magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar plus on the covers of Kingfisher calendar and became cynosure of many eyes with her stunning looks and great body shape.

But how many of us know that this Liza Golden Bhojwani journey to stardom was filled with many emotional issues. It was at the age of just 17 she first entered the modelling field. At that time she did not have perfect body and looks to make immediate impact.

It is well known that the modelling field requires size zero body shape and maintaining that type of body structure is not an easy job. Efforts taken by to maintain shape created many issues for her. Not many of us know that she had stopped working for nearly one and half years as she was not able to maintain that size zero body shape and the pressure on her was huge.

Liza Golden Bhojwami shared her thoughts about her rise to top model and revealed how her size went to 4-6 from zero. She also spoke about many people criticized about her weight. Lisa Golden Bhojwani further threw light on how she took 500 calories in a day and got her weight to 112 pounds from 130 pounds before two months. Superb efforts!!

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