Look out for Tushar Pandey’s performance in the latest Bollywood movie Pink

Pic: bollywoodhungama.com

The Delhi boy Tushar Pandey is all set to feature in the latest Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan-starrer ‘Pink’. He is student of National School of Drama and London International School of Performing Arts and has completed his training in acting for eight years. He has bagged the Best Actor award at a film festival in Rome for the lead role in independent film ‘Beyond Blue’

He was called for audition in January for his role of Vishwa in the movie Pink.A role with grey shades ,he feels is a challenging role to act.He enjoyed his experience of working with Amitabh Bachchan the best.Amitabh is like a true teacher yet humble and inspiring .He would joke around and keep everyone relax. Amitabh shared his views on scenes, character and dialogues.Tushar feels Theatre has helped him to learn acting and the skills would always be with him forever.He equally enjoys doing Bollywood too.He is open to play all kinds of roles positive or negative.

He feels theatre is basic requirement.It helps in understanding the craft and skills of the profession. Theatre helps in giving a good performance on stage which is really required and it demands one to stay connected with oneself. However films are more collabora­tive, where one needs to be connected with the entire department.

A theatre background helps one to stay grounded,secured in craft and achieve the bigger task easily with efficiency. He is looking forward for his British project which is releasing in early November.It is based on adaption of Shakespeare’s plays where he plays the role of male protagonist.

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