Louisa & Rob: Protect and Cherish the Amazing Moments of your life with Dove

Louisa & Rob Protect and Cherish the Amazing Moments of your life with Dove

Keeping in tradition with its natural and heart-warming advertisements, Dove brings to us some truly amazing moments from the lives of Louisa & Rob in their latest TVC. Louisa was an awkward, tom-boyish 12 year-old when she came across this poster of a cool guy with a Mohawk and eyeliner. She instantly fell in love with him and hung the poster right above her bed in her room.

Years later, when she is at home, Louisa sees this guy who lived across the street and spoke German. As it happens, Rob was a part of a boy-band in Germany and he was the guy in the poster. Rob & Louisa go on to become friends and after two years of togetherness, when it is time to enter into a stronger relationship, Louisa decides to propose to Rob at the same place where they met each other for the first time.

This free-flowing and natural commercial for Dove truly touches the heart and despite the product not being focussed upon, wins our attention. Love truly knows no boundaries and one day, will surely find its way into one’s heart. Dove Clinical protection is the product showcased in this ad and what an amazing way to present it!

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