Love is all about giving: Be it kidney or heart, this boyfriend gave his girl all

Love is all about giving Be it kidney or heart, this boyfriend gave his girl all

Bairon Garzon, 29 years of age saw his girlfriend Gomez, suffering from Alport syndrome, a disorder that cause kidney disease.  After 2014 she required dialysis continuously, which would leave her weak and even suppress their social life. The future of the couple was uncertain; they could not carry out their day to day leisure activities like travelling.

In spite of all these, Garzon proposed to his girl on Christmas last year, he even wanted to bring her out of the pain, so he got himself tested for kidney donor in June. Being a person of ‘O’ blood group, a universal donor he was fit to give a new life to his love. The couple underwent the surgery on Oct 1 at Mount Sinai Hospital, ­lying besides each other.

The doctors say getting a kidney from a living donor has high chances of success. Usually people stay in the waiting list in New York in search of kidney donors for years. Gomez’s father is himself waiting for 6 years. The couple is now recovering fast; Gordan is already at fields playing soccer. They now look forward to their wedding on September 3, 2016 to be held in Hudson Valley and long to spend their vacation in Cuba.

Gomez tells her boyfriend that he is her hero, who has given her a gift of health and life. They have set an example that even in this fast heartrending world, true love still exists. It is certainly a match made in heaven. Garzon really gave his girlfriend both: his heart and his kidney.

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