M Cream- Watch this movie about drugs and its spread across India

M Cream- Watch this movie about drugs and its spread across India

M cream is an Indian Road movie that portrays the journey of four friends on a road trip in the quest of a mythical drug. This movie, directed by Agneya Singh, was screened at the Rhode Island International Film festival and was the proud recipient of the Grand Prize for the best feature film. It is hitting the cinema screen across India on July 22nd, 2016 and is expecting similar acclaim.

The film’s lead protagonist, Figs is played by Imaad Shah, who is the quintessential cynic and rebel found at the huge Delhi University. He is deprived of his daily fix of hashish due to a shortage and joins up with his best friend, Maggie (played by Auritra Ghosh) to procure M Cream, a mythical variety of hashish. Maggie asks her boyfriend Niz to join them in this trek to the Himalayas while unknown to all, Jay, who is Niz’s close pal joins in too.

The movie is about this reckless and uncontrolled journey and the twists and turns it takes as they take on the Himalayas. It exposes them to the vagaries of nature and shows them the unique ways of the world. Ira Dubey, Barry John, Raaghav Chanana and Tom Alter play other important characters in the film which has been showcased at many International film festivals and has won many awards.

M Cream has managed to explore the dark side of society and politics along with the growing and rampant use of drugs amongst the young generation and is pretty effective too.

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