Ma Huateng: Chinese Internet Entrepreneur who once worked as a website designer for his company

Ma Huateng Chinese Internet Entrepreneur who once worked as a website designer for his company


There are two kinds of people in this world. One who becomes what they dream. Second who achieve higher even if they dream something else. Ma Huateng falls in the second category.

Dream v/s Reality

Ma Huateng is famous Chinese businessman. When he was a child he wanted to be an astronomer. Seems he didn’t follow his dream but still he became one of the successful Chinese internet entrepreneurs who founded Tencent Inc.

Rags to Riches

Time magazine included him in the world’s most influential people in 2007 and 2014. He is included in the list of World’s 100 richest people. Born in a not so rich family, Ma’s father got a job as a port manager in Shenzhen. Ma’s first job was with China Motion Telecom Development as a supplier of telecommunications services & products

Building Tencent

Ma co-founded Tencent in 1998. He took lead and played many roles for the company. He even worked as a website designer for his company. Ma’s company succeeded when they developed a software product named OICQ which became famous in just couple of years. Initially, the company offered their services free of cost but to manage their operational expenses their sold their stake. At very early stages, there was a time when even Ma Huateng thought of selling his company to meet company’s financial requirements.

Success speed

Success of Ma’s business is just like his nickname Pony which means “horse”. He follows a secret lifestyle and shy away from media. He believes in execution more than the ideas. You will wonder to know that he met his wife through his company’s own messaging service.

Rules internet in China

Tencent today stands for one of the largest Internet companies in the world. They provide many services including web portals, social network, e-commerce, games and many more. QQ and WeChat are company’s own ventures whereas they have stake in which is one of the largest B2C online retailers of China.

Facebook and Whatsapp of China

Ma Huateng is said to be the person who owns China’s Facebook and Whatsapp. His colleagues and employees call him “Brother Pony” as well.

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