Mackenzie Hild- This 26 year old medical student did not eat for 5 years due to severe pain and she has surprised many with her strength

Pic: Mackenzie Hild

How would you react when you come across a person who has not eaten for five years?? Shocked and surprised right.
Mackenzie Hild has surprised and shocked many doctors and others by not eating food for 5 years due her unique health problem and the doctors could not find a reason for that. It is confirmed that she was losing weight and this life threatening weight loss could be serious issue.

This Mackenzie Hind spoke about how her weight loss was due to the presence of severe pain in her abdomen caused due to her eating. It is clear that doctors have sent her to inpatient centre that deals with eating disorders. Mackenzie Hild was weighing 75 pounds and she wanted to eat well but could not due to severe pain in her abdomen.

She was not sure about the real cause of her pain that often came after eating and she did not consume food for 5 years. It is important to note that Mackenzie Hild was kept alive by means of a feeding tube. It is superb to hear that Hild’s parents met a medical college professor during a hiking trail in Sierra Neveda in California and discussed about the issues of Mackenzie Hild.

It was in the month of March in 2015 a two and half hour surgery was conducted on Hild’s to save her life. It is superb to note that Mackenzie Hild aged 26 is doing second year in a medical college at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA and she always had the idea of working in Africa as a doctor to help people there. Superb Mackenzie Hild!!

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