Made By India: Afghanistan’s Parliament to be inaugurated by PM Modi

Made By India Afghanistan’s Parliament to be inaugurated by PM Modi

In a first of its kind, India has gifted something symbolically-democratic to a neighbor. The Afghanistan Parliament – the structure has which been in progress for nearly 10 years now, is being built by Indians. The construction is near to completion, and so, the inner-circles of both countries are in the works to get India’s PM Narendra Modi come to Afghanistan’s capital Kabul for the Parliament-building’s inauguration.

In order for the PM to take up a visit to Afghanistan, the PMO pushed for the long-standing completion of the project.

The project was commenced by the UPA government way back in 2007 as a token of friendship and cooperation to rebuild the war-afflicted Afghanistan. As things stand now, it looks very likely that the project will be complete prior to the December 31 deadline.

The completion was the building was expected to be in November 2011, but that didn’t happen, moreover the project has missed three deadlines in the last four years itself.

In the latest review helmed by secretary (urban development) Madhusudan Prasad, Central Public Works Department (CPWD), the agency in-charge, informed that 96% of the construction and related tasks have been completed and the project team is well on its way giving final touches.

The project at the time was commencement was touted to be a Rs. 300 crore investment, but with all the delays, the amount has gone up to Rs. 710 crore.

By design, the Parliament-building has heavy influences of Mughal and modern architecture, and has Asia’s largest dome-structure as its stand-out feature.

The building has Wolesi Jirga or the Lower House with a seating-arrangement for 294, a 190-seat Meshrano Jirga or Upper House, Entrance lobby, offices, conference rooms, dining halls, press room, library, auditorium and parking facilities. A water body with 9 cascading fountains is also being constructed in front of the building.

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