Mahesh Chaturvedi – India’s New-age Gandhi – aims to spread love

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A hundred miles away from Mahatma Gandhi’s cremation place, lives a modern day Gandhi with Gandhi’s look. We are talking about Mahesh Chaturvedi who follows the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi and also taken the look- complete with round glasses, a crisp white dhoti and a message to transform the society.

Mahesh Chaturvedi is 68 year old who is traveling across the country with his aim of spreading his ideas about a social reformed system that will wipe out poverty.

This new age Gandhi is also a pedestrian walking around Delhi and travels ticket-less on buses and who ever saw him for the first time, a resemblance came of Mahatma Gandhi in his mind and even Mahesh Chaturvedi speaks the same tone. He folds his hands in greeting and says Ram Ram, rebuffing arms outstretched for a handshake. Over the phone, every conversation begins with “Vande Mataram”.

The story is quite strange of becoming a modern age Gandhi. According to Mahesh Chaturvedi, earlier in 2002, he was used to be a professor but one night Gandhi came to him and from then he left everything with ne dhoti and a gamcha and the slight little twist is that this Gandhi  uses the modern day technology like using escalator and metro and then there are his devotees too who put money in his bank account. Mahesh Chaturvedi also has an ATM card but has never needed money. He only lives to spread his message of social transformation.

He has alternative residence in Ghaziabad where a local builder is his follower.

“The body of Gandhi may be gone but no one can’t kill his soul,” Says Mahesh Chaturvedi.

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