Maison Sere: Out-of-Work Zimbabwean Wins ‘Mr. Ugly’ Crown

Maison Sere Out-of-Work Zimbabwean Wins ‘Mr. Ugly’ Crown

How would you feel and react to getting crowned ‘Mr Ugly’ in pageantry?

Well, whatever your reaction may be, there is a 42-yo man in Zimbabwe who couldn’t get hold of his elation after winning this rather unwanted title at a gig in a local pub in the city of Harare.

His name is Mr. Sere and he was crowned as the ugliest man in Zimbabwe.

Instead of showing signs of shame, awkwardness and embarrassment, Mr. Sere appeared very happy and grateful for being adjudged winner of the competition.

Adorning tore-dress overall, besides having several teeth missing, Mr. Sere managed to outdo five contestants and acclaim the title of being the ugliest. And guess what, he won $500 for it!

The amount Mr. Sere won is a big deal in country reeling under extreme-unemployment.

Talking to the local media, Mr. Sere told reporters, ““I want to thank God for winning this title, last time I came fourth. I just want to thank the judges for recognizing me as the winner.”

And you know what’s funny? The outcome of the competition also proved that for some people, their own ugliness not getting its fame is a very big thing.

Turns out that the runner-up William Masvinu took a dig at the judges for being biased. Masvinu was unhappy that he wasn’t declared winner for the fourth time (yup, he’s won the title thrice!) He took away $100 as his prize this year.

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