Mallika Dua back with “Delhi girl Gifty ki dukthi rag” – another fun video


There are many who have a knack of getting into fake things but not so everyone deserves the same. There are some who likes and prefer to be genuine because what being genuine gives you is a thousand  to be away from junk. Likewise people used to be fake at different times and what they show you is another different aspect of them and this is what DNA always tries to prove you by avoiding fake and giving you genuine and what’s actually required but you will be more sure of it after watching this Gifty ad where the girl is being often surrounded by fakes and gets wrong every other time and how she overcomes is the conclusion of the advertisement.

What the ad shows you is about the girl from Delhi who has been meeting different guys for marriage and nonetheless she meets four different guys from different cities who came out to be like a no interested  guy in bonding with her and while she tries hard to get them engaged and impressed in her own build up conversations and in between somewhere the relation that was about to get up was down in lack of interest.

She narrates her whole story in her view keeping all the things like being single and a much need of life partner, she needs gossips and other things in her life but finally her life changes when she finally came up with genuinity like DNA which offers you only original and genuine news and keeps you away from junk.

DNA is the best service provider issuing the best Public Service Message.

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