Mame Khan: A treasure trove of charm and singing splendor

Mame Khan

Talent is a single word with many connotations. This six letter word consists of a supreme power and magnetic charm that attracts lofty praise from many a people considering its versatile get up’s. Whether one is an actor, writer, poet, singer, dancer, scientist or even a critic, it is not the cause as much but the sheer weight of talent that makes one stand out from the crowd.

This concept gets an erudite lift and shape up when one speaks of talent in the context of singers. Melody, lyrics, style, charisma and a certain charm, the singers carry them all and through a vibrant ensemble of enigmatic voicing convey the essence of music known as singing.

But, have you ever wondered, the subject and field of music is so vast and so dynamic that communicating the real essence of some of the most outstanding names in this field who have garnered tremendous respect and admiration, both of which are hard to attain is just not possible. This is so considering the world of today is being punctuated by plagiarism and lack of originality. But amidst the changing face of music and the great transformation that is taking place around the globe, one largely seems to associate music from the pious heartland of a country, one that literally breathes, speaks and echoes vibrant charm from the earthen winds of a nation seems largely to be forgotten.

Why is country and rural folk music important

What the world usually listens to and enjoys hearing the most, when spoken from a generalized lens is the commercial pop music and the chart buster styled rock music. We aren’t here to judge or throw needless wisdom as to what music is better over another, as that is a deranged way of attributing the true essence of music, which from its soul is- incorruptible.

Mame Khan

What the west understands as country music or say, rural folk music is a large manifestation of lyrics, song writing and usage of musical instruments that belong to the a particular aspect, part of a country’s geographical stretch. It is more like a musician’s pursuit to harmonize those elements in his or her music which carry the essence of his region’s social and cultural element. Then even lyrics and use of metaphors and the entire ‘story telling arrangement’ is such that it seems to carry an evocative yet melodious voice attributed to a specific place or region. The classic examples are Willie Nelson and John Denver. One would often find the usage of country roads, and roads of Alabama, the grassy greenlands of Little Rock in Arakansas and the mellifluence of the wind that blows gently in their country farm.

But to move away from the West and to use the broader construct of understanding a special form of Folk- Music that emanates from the soulful voice of a certain Mame Khan, things appear as vibrant and interesting as they never have been. Simple, pious and melodious tunes from the heartland of one of India’s most exuberant states, the largest in terms of land area; Rajesthan, takes one onto a spiritual sojourn, one from which turning back and looking back from is not possible.

The special talent of Mame Khan

Charming, effervescent, coming from the pious and soulful historic land of the Rajas and Maharajas, the great grand Rajasthan, Mame Khan, easily among the most recognizable voices of folk traditional music from Rajasthan is the carrier and protector of the soul of one of the most distant and exotic sounds of music. It isn’t easy being a country folk singer, one may ask the Khan himself. Talent alone isn’t enough. It is your pure effort in mastering the relatively high pitched songs and melodies that make you a soulful artist in this exquisite musical domain of Folk and Sufi Music.

In India, music runs in the veins, not just in our hearts. Right from hearing it every morning as  a staple diet whilst driving off to work or resorting to our favorite programs during periodic intervals, both at universities, colleges and at organizations, people hardly ever give music the rest that it so richly deserves. And yet, at the same time, it never ceases to amaze us.

Awe inspiring and lyrical creativity which are at the heart of what Mame Khan, born to a celebrated and exuberantly talented family of singer musicians in Rajasthan, inspire his talent and fan his flames to reach a larger audience, who listens with excitement to Khan’s raw, musical offerings to a larger Indian audience. It is no anomaly in the highly tectonic and evolving in the world of music that it binds people over its captivity and brings them closer.

Mame Khan-3

Mame Khan: a treasure trove of charm and singing splendor

From the very beginning, this choicest musician had meager means and limited financial resources at his disposal. Having born in a family of master singers, did him good and earned him a genuine and early interest to foray in the field just as his prodigious predecessors in his musical family did. He is known for his mastery over vocal skills and sheer unbending virtuosity to sing the most difficult pitches – songs that bind audiences and music lovers to an endless romance with the mysterious Rajasthan.

Chirpy and bright, hopeful and rustically magnificent, this turbaned Rajasthani Sufi-Folk singer has played in front of local Rajasthani music festivals and packed houses in large metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

He, most noticeably jumped to popular imagination through Coke Studio’s musical vehicle that transcended boundaries and brought music lovers a lot more closer than they eve were. Through invincible “Jugalbandi”, hypnotic tunes and his god gifted powerful voice, Mame delivered on national television what many of his fellow Rajasthani singers haven’t been able to do: earn as much respect as fans, whilst joining hands with musicians from a diverse range of the musical spectrum in delivering successful new renditions of popular hit songs such as : Tere Ishq Nachaya, Sulti Thi Rang Mahal Mein, Bagha Mai Jati Goradi, Piyaji Gaya Sat, Raja Bali Ki Katha.

With his mystical voice, he seems to catapult audience into the enchanting world of Rajasthan, retreating from which either seems impossible and when it does happen, it leaves one with many pleasures.


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