Man saves his father’s life: Donates different blood group based liver

Man saves his father's life Donates different blood group based liver
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Liver is one of the most important parts in our human body and forms a part of gastrointestinal system. Some applications of this Liver includes digestion, protein synthesis etc. Recently a rare liver operation was performed on a man and what the talking point was he was provided liver by his own son whose blood group did not match the patient blood group. It was said that a man named Andrews had his liver damaged because of his poor and drinking habits. Liver transplant a rare surgery was the only option he had to help himself. His son Aaron’s blood group was different from his dad though Aaron was interested to lend his own liver for his dad’s sake.
It must be noted that a new procedure known as ‘’AOB incompatible liver transplant’’ process was put into use by the doctors whereby the problem regarding different blood groups of donor and the recipient was negated. It was also said that by this new technique many people lives can be saved as the blood matching donors were not needed at all. This procedure has indeed given hope to innumerable persona worldwide. This rare liver transplant surgery was performed at Jaypee Hospital and doctors there said that the line of treatment and medicines were similar to those who got operated by compatible liver transplant.
The amount of antibodies that are present in blood stream was estimated by a simple blood tests and it can be treated in most people. This formed the basis of this new AOB incompatible liver transplant process. Once antibodies are found then treatment is carried out to reduce the antibodies of organ receiver. This is followed by utilization of plasma exchange to remove the antibodies of the blood group of receiver. Antibodies producing cells are eradicated and intravenous immunoglobulin given to patients to decline antibodies. When all these are set right then the transplant is performed.
As per World Health Organization, WHO, statement in India liver cirrhosis is the main disease that causes the death of 2,50,000 people and 25000 of those people needs transplantation of liver.

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