Manipal Hospitals’s Video Tells You Positive Effects of Quitting Smoking

Manipal Hospitals's Video Tells You Positive Effects of Quitting Smoking

Smoking is very bad for health as it causes many health issues is well known. What is unknown for most of us is even if we don’t smoke directly by inhaling the smoke from cigarettes etc would cause serious health concerns. So quitting smoking is very important to have healthy life. It is often said that it is never too late to quit smoking. There are many advantages when a person quits smoking. Immediately when a person quits smoking his blood oxygen level becomes normal in just a day.

Then it must be noted that in one month after a person had quitted smoking his damaged lungs starts to repair and as a result coughing and infections are lessened. Then very important point to be noted is in 9 months of time after quitting smoking physical withdrawal symptoms gets subsided totally. It is also said that the risk of heart diseases reduces by 50% in just one year after quitting smoking. The interesting point here is after 5 years later risk of stroke gets reduced to the same level as a non smoking person. Dying from lung cancer gets reduced by 50% after 10 years.

So guys and gals please quit smoking soon. Avoid smoking and save yourself and your loving families.

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