Matt Stutzman- This man may not have arms but his archery skills are just sensational at the Paralympics Games


Matt Stutzman is unique person and not many can be like him. The reason is he does not have arms but he is highly determined to succeed in his life. He is an amazing archer who has caught the attention of many all over with his great archery skills.

The distance of 283.47 metres would always be remembered for one man for the longest accurate shot in archery. Matt Stutzman created this sensational record and thereby made sure his name got entered in the prestigious Guinness Books of Records. It is well known to all that archery is one sport that needs the hands to be perfect and this Matt Shutzman without arms is proving many wrong with his superb talent. It is awesome to hear that he is a silver medal holder in Paralympics and this has got him many fans all over.

The year 2009 would not be forgotten by him because in this year he got frustrated with his life as his wife was the sole breadwinner at that time and she was finding tough to earn for living. At this juncture Matt Stutzman wanted to do something useful for his family. Matt Stutzman expressed his feelings and said that the bow he saw made him into a renowned archer now. It is not easy for him in this archery because instead of hands he uses legs and his body.

This Matt Stutzman inspires many with his great passion for archery and has proved that anyone with determination and never say die attitude could reach great heights like him. Hats off Matt Stutzman!!

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