Maumela Mahuwa- This South African actress has a painful past to narrate

Maumela Mahuwa- This South African actress has a painful past to narrate

One actress who has caught the attention of many in South Africa is this Maumela Mahuwa. Her role as Susan in the soap named ”Muvhango” is spoken greatly by many.

The amazing thing to be noted here is this show was started in the year 1997 and it is now said that this Maumela Mahuwa is one of the three actors who has been in this since the beginning. It is sad to hear when Mahuwa sys she was brought up by her maternal relatives as her mom and dad got separated from each other. The economic situation in her house was very poor at that point of time. She also expressed her sadness and said her mother liked her elder brother very much when compared to Mahuwa.

The hunger, lack of proper care from her mother had created deep wounds in Mahuwa. Later her uncle took care of this Maumela Mahuwa for some years. The year 2004 would not be forgotten by her as it was in this year she lost her brother. At this juncture Mahuwa reconciled with her mom. One shocking piece of news is at the brother’s funeral only this Mahuwa saw her dad who had also come. The 30th birthday of Mahuwa is always remembered by her as on this day her mother expressed her care for Mahuwa.

This care from her mom made Mahuwa very happy at that time. It is now said that she is busy with her work and on 3rd October her gospel album named ‘’ Maumela 1’’ would be released. Superb Maumela Mahuwa!!

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