Meenakshi Sundaram & Geetha: Tamil Nadu Couple, How They Fled Yemen

Meenakshi Sundaram and Geetha Sundaram (Copy)

Meenakshi Sundaram, 58, and his wife, Geetha, have lived and worked in Yemen for nearly 30 years. They returned to Tamil Nadu on Tuesday.)
Word got out during the day on Wednesday, March 25, that war planes were being huddled between the border of Yemen and Saudi Arabia. We had long been suspecting that the issue was turning international. Towards the evening, we were told that Gulf Air and Qatar Airways, two big airlines, had suspended their services in Yemen. We were expecting more disasters.

In the early hours of Thursday (1:30am), our residential building suddenly vibrated and we were awoken by a massive explosion. The Saudi forces had started air strikes and we had learned that anti-aircraft bases installed in military camps in the mountainous city of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, were targeted by war planes. The Houthi rebels retaliated with anti-aircraft measures.

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