Meet Anushka Gaekwad- Class 12 CBSE topper from Singapore

Meet Anushka Gaekwad- Class 12 CBSE topper from Singapore

Many Indian students all over the world are doing sensationally well and catch the attention of many. Now a Singapore based girl named Anushka Gaekwad has got 98.2% marks in her class 12 CBSE examinations and is the cynosure of all eyes.

Global Indian International School, GIIS must feel proud that its two students Indian origin Anushka and Indian origin Shubam Saraf got 98.2% and 98% in class 12 CBSE exams respectively.

Only in the year 2010 this Anushka went to Singapore as her parents were working there. It is known that her school represents biggest school groups that offers Indian curriculum in Singapore.

According to Mr Kamal Gupta, chief operating officer and regional director at GIIS collaborative initiatives between teachers and parents were responsible for the grand success of the students in the CBSE examination.

One amazing piece of information is this GIIS can feel proud that 25 % of students got amazing 95% and above and 48% students got 90% and above.

It is said that most of the students who are studying in this famous GIIS are from India and their parents work in South East Asia and CBSE curriculum is widely sought by many now for its great quality education.

Interesting point to be noted is GIIS has its presence felt in countries like India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand UAE etc apart from Singapore.

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