Meet Girindhra Nath Jha- blogger farmer and environmentalist

Meet Girindhra Nath Jha- blogger farmer and environmentalist-A

How many of us would do what Mr Girindra Nath Jha has done? Yes when most of us would be looking for greener pastures for our life betterment Girindra Nath had different ideas. He gave up his lucrative job after working in cities like Delhi and Kanpur and is now a farmer in Bihar. Amazing isn’t it!!

The fact is Girindra Nath has created great impact in the farming and its techniques now. The agricultural blog which he has been running for 9 years deals with farm issues, environmental problems and most importantly it also educates farmers for better farming.

This had resulted in the increase in the yield for the farmers thereby making better lives for these farmers. It must be noted that Girindra Nath is from a small village in Bihar and did his graduation in Economics from Delhi University in 2006. He got fellowship from the Centre for the Study of Developing Society, CSDS. After successfully completing the studies he then moved to Kanpur and started his career as a writer in Kanpur for a leading national newspaper.

Meet Girindhra Nath Jha- blogger farmer and environmentalist-A

It was said that though he was physically working in Kanpur he always wanted to do something for his village and work at the grass root level. He then shifted to his village Chanka, Bihar in 2012. Girindra Nath is today a farmer, writer, an educator and a blogger. His innovative techniques like polycropping were amazing and he was able to get good profits soon by mixing paddy, corn potato with kadamba trees. Organic farming which was once considered tough has become possible by Girindra.

As per the latest news this dual cropping process is followed by many farmers successfully. Girindra Nath valuable inputs regarding organic farming were welcomed by many farmers. It must be noted that his blog ‘’Anubhav’’ launched in 2006 is very famous now. This blog deals with farmers issues of rural Bihar mostly. The blog was highly appreciated and awards were also given from a major news channel and government of Delhi. His videos are highly popular among the farmers as these videos provide valuable guidance in irrigation, pests controlling, manure creation etc.

It was also said that Girindra with the help of social media and internet was able to gather many informations across the world regarding agriculture. It must be noted that people from USA and Australia have visited Girindra Nath village to know informations regarding not only farming techniques but also the culture, tradition, lifestyle of the village. Amazing work Girindra Nath!!

Girindhra Nath Jha: Blog

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