Meet Jayanth Sharma- amazing wildlife photographer creating awareness

In this world there are many people whose hobbies during their childhood became their profession later. Mr Jayanth Sharma is one such person whose hobby in photography has now become his profession.
The years 2007 and 2010 are always etched in the memory of Mr Jayanth Sharma. It is because of the fact that in 2007 he received Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer of the Year award and in 2010 he had set up his own India’s travel and Photography Company named ‘’Toehold’’.
It must be noted that this Jayanth Sharma started his career as a graphic designer. His interests in wildlife photography made him to quit his job in IT sector. Life was not bed of roses for him at the earlier stages of his career. Gradually there were improvements in his life.
As per Mr Jayanth Sharma photography could contribute in the saving of planet by creating awareness.  As a practical person he was able to get vast knowledge about many things in life. It is often said that maintaining credibility is very important and it is not an easy one. This ‘’Toehold’’ firm is always in the process of innovation to maintain the credibility.
It is said that time, patience and standard are connected with each other and according to him the quality of the work is more important than the quantity of the work. The artistic mood and timing associated with awesome pictures would satisfy the people to great extent and would create impact on people’s mind. According to him age is the biggest fear as it slows down a person thereby living up to one’s own expectations becomes tough.
It must be noted that his father Dr Nagaraja Sharma excelled in drama, painting, music, photography and his family has a commercial photography studio in Mysore, Karnataka.
This multi talented Jayanth also knows karate, gymnastics, Music and also performed in All India Radio and Doordarshan. Wow!! Incredible isn’t it!!
  Jayanth Sharma: Web Site | Facebook  | Twitter | Linkedin

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