Meet Monica Riley who was the weird goal of becoming the fattest woman on the earth!


27 year old Monica Riley from Texas US has a strange dream of becoming the fattest woman on this earth, to such an extent where she becomes immobile.

She is ready to play with her life for this dream.Her boyfriend Sid is her partner and helper in achieving this challenge.He cooks for her and funnel feeds her as well.She has already gained so much weight that she is barely able to walk.She has her own YouTube channel where she has a huge fan following who is actually paying her to eat more and achieve her goal! She aims to reach 1000 pounds and become immobile.Her diet is almost 8000 calories everyday comprising of biscuits to ice creams to milk shakes and more.The media around feels her life is at major risk.The duo also have plans of having a kid too.

However, Monica’s mother is not supportive of what she is doing. Her mother is concerned for her and feels that Monica is  actually killing herself slowly by her strange goal of reaching 1000 pounds.

But Monica is all happy in gaining weight and she is going to stick to her goal no matter what.

A strict no no for all the readers-  Let’s not get influenced by her unhealthy lifestyle !

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