Meet Mr Sajeesh Kumar- a police man who saved a drowning girl


Police personnel form major part of our society and do many good things for the society. But most of us consider these policemen to be tough, strict, arrogant, unkind persons. What a policeman has done recently would make us to change our opinion about the policemen and appreciate them.

Kerala is regarded as god’s own country due to its amazing scenic beauty. In this Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala a policeman named Sajeesh Kumar saved a girl from drowning and made a great name for him.

Based on a complaint received from girls parents on January 31st 2016 that their daughter did not return home, some police personnel from Fort Police station were sent to find the where about of the girl. It is said that in the night the police got a call and according to the call the girl was spotted in Karamana locality.

The police team went to that locality and found a girl near the bridge. To the shock of all those present there the girl jumped into the water below the bridge.

It is said that assistant inspector Mr Sajeesh Kumar also jumped into the water immediately and rescued the girl safely. The girl was taken to a hospital nearby in a van. It is said that the girl’s condition is fine.

This amazing act of bravery by policeman Sajeesh Kumar attracted the attention of many including his chief Mr TP. Senthil Kumar. It must be noted that chief of Kerala State Police Mr. TP. Senthil Kumar appreciated the work done by Mr Sajeesh Kumar in saving the girls life. It is said that Mr Sajeesh Kumar got Rs 3000 as a reward for his brave act and kindness. Wow!! You inspire many by your bravery!!


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