Meet Reem Asil an ex community organizer makes a career move to baking breads

Meet Reem Asil an ex community organizer makes a career move to baking breads

Reem Assil ,an ex Oakland Community organizer made a mid-career move from managing social issues to food and baking. During her trip to Syria and Lebanon in 2010 she had visited a corner bakery in Beirut which was the turning point.She felt that it was the happy place to be,fresh baked breads with people laughing and chatting.Though there was so much turmoil outisde,the bakery was always a nice place to be.

Back in the States, Assil followed her baking passion with working in various bakeries.Today she hosts regular appearances at area food markets, and is all set to take her next leap—a brick and mortar restaurant at Oakland’s vibrant Fruitvale neighborhood. She plans to sell her signature mana’eesh (a Mediterranean flatbread) with domestic sourced meats, veggies, and intense Middle Eastern flavors.

Assil plans to make her space a transportive experience where she will donate food to nonprofits in need, and allow them to use it as community hub. Her workers will be refugees and needy who will all be paid living wages.She is also in the top 3 finalists at an Open table competition for new restaurant owners.

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