Meet Santhosh Gaikwad India’s last practising taxidermist

Meet Santhosh Gaikwad India’s last practising taxidermist
Pic: YouTube

It is now confirmed that Santhosh Gaikwad is now the India’s last practising taxidermist. This man started to stuff animals some 13 years back and is actively involved in his work of stuffing the animals. His many works have created great curiosity in many present generation youngsters.

The word ‘’Taxidermy” refers to preparing stuffing and mounting the skins of animals for display and the person who does this is called as ‘’Taxodermist’’.

As the head of taxidermy centre in Mumbai Santhosh efficiency is highly appreciated by many. It must be noted that he skins the animal after its death and removes the flesh present. Then he takes the measurements of the animal’s body mass and he makes cast replicas of the original skeletons of those animals. Next step is real skin is placed on the mannequin followed by the finishing touches.

After this the stuffed animal is mounted. As per Santhosh the work is the combination of five arts combined together. The five arts are namely cobbler’s art, sculpture, carpentry, painting and finally anatomy. Great work Santhosh Gaikwad!!

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