Merin Joseph: leading the charge of change, we need more fighters like her

Merin Joseph

In a country like India, Women, easily come under the hot spot of being soft targets, often of subjugation, exploitation and gender based indifference. India, a glowing but grand paradox of cosmological terms has yet to take its first great steps toward equalizing the status of our Females when it comes to according them the same security, both personal, civil and at necessary emotional levels that can make them feel as respected and much loved citizens of our country.

At the same time, while the world is changing rapidly and evolving with every passing second, it is a heartening sight to see many Women, from diverse backgrounds and socio-cultural spectrum coming forward and donning important and meaningful leadership roles, even as the society continues to lean conveniently toward being pro-male, since usage of the phrase male-dominated is rather detestable and highly unbecoming.

Merin Joseph

Amid such tectonic times of change and evolution, it is a great pleasure to bring to our readers the lovely story of Merin Joseph, a highly respected and capable Police Officer from Kerala, our most literate state.

Merin Joseph: leading the charge of change

Recently, at the highly checkered and vibrant capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, Merin found herself amidst a needless controversy. Present in her bubbly and dynamic self as the ever responsible, compassionate and interactive Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph at a social duo, where she wasn’t serving in professional capacity, posted a simple harmless and clean picture of hers with popular south star, actor Nivin Pauly. Both, the cop and the famous actor had been invited to an important duo by a college at the eminent tourist destination of Ernakulum.

Merin Joseph

One of the ills of social media is that it makes things, whether important or worthy of being remarked or rebuked upon- viral. Within minutes of posting this simple harmless picture, Merin got the flak and earned the wreath of many who blamed for breach of protocol. Never the one to bow down to needless pressure, Merin hit back at her critics explaining that she was there as a guest, not as a guardian of civilian interest, thus the accusation leveled against her was flawed and hollow.

We need more fighters like Merin

An avid fighter against the ill-fated sexism that seems to be widely spread in the country, Merin Jospeh, the young dynamic ace cop from Kerala who has also been in the news for her charming looks decided to raise her voice against this overtly needless irrationalism that had her in the middle of a controversy when she did no wrong, at all.

Merin Joseph

That Indian society still moves with deep rooted and truth be told, rotten and insignificant sexist stereotypes is largely a sign of the public’s immaturity. But, brave girls like Merin only prefer to do their duty and focus on important tasks on their hands such as the one of taking care of the country’s crime situation and state judicial and legislative machinery. But, a thing can be said for certain, the new age tough acts such as Ms. Joseph surely know how to counter large-mouthed irrational nuts, who can’t do better than paint a lady’s image in connotations that are devoid of interest. Then, social media to the likes of Joseph seems more potent than that of her pistol.

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