Mike Evans- The family and friends of this police officer having brain tumour have raised 30,000 pounds for charity and it is sensational

Pic: walesonline.co.uk

Not many can be like this Mike Evans. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last year. It would have created panic for others for sure but not for this man. This Mike Evans has not slowed down at all inspite of this drawback and is inspiring others now. It is superb that this Mike Evans takes part in many triathlons in between his treatments and has surprised many with his never say die attitude and positivity.

It is now confirmed that he played a great role along with his friends and his family in raising superb amount of 30000 pounds for charity purposes. It was sad to note that he pulled out of the Ironman event because of his brain surgery. It must be noted that in Cardiff, Wales ‘’ Velindre Cancer Centre’’ this Mike Evans has been getting chemotherapy for over a year.

He has caught the attention of many with his great determination to fight the dreaded cancer. It must be mentioned that his daughter Lily started a Justgiving page in order to pay back the doctors for the treatment of her dad Mike Evans. Recently Mike Evans was operated at the University Hospital for unexpected second bout of brain operation and it is now said that this surgery could cause many effects in his speech, memory power etc. It is superb to hear that his team finished the triathlon for his sake.

Mike Evans spoke about how he missed to be present in Tenby in West Wales as he had surgery and was not supposed to go out. Hats off to Mike Evans for his great spirit!!

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