Milind Soman: 10 Ways How He Quit Smoking, You Too Can

Milind Soman How He Quit Smoking-6

Smoking has the reputation of being the most addictive bad habit, and the most notorious one to quit. Many a time you may have come across hardcore smokers that vow to give up the habit for good and never touch the puff-butt again. Easier said than done, right? Yet there have been exceptional individuals that were once renowned for their smoking, who have now successfully kicked away the cigarette and are living smoke-free ever after. India’s Numero Uno Supermodel Milind Soman is setting an example by doing just that.

A No Means No

If you’re a chain-smoker desperate to quit then you should definitely look up to Soman for inspiration. It took three long years for the man to finally call it quits with smoking. He admits “it was difficult”, but once the mindset is in place, everything becomes possible.

Find a New Addiction

The best way to give up on a bad habit is to replace it with another good habit. Soman’s parting ways from smoking allowed him to take to healthier habits. The man, who will soon be turning 50, is now high on all things sporty – especially running.

Milind Soman How He Quit Smoking-6

Power of Running

The running bug did not bite Soman until he participated in the Mumbai Marathon which kicked off in 2004. “I felt like a king on the day”, he gloats happily. And he hasn’t looked back since.

Worthwhile Pursuits

In order to take his mind off of smoking, Soman developed a fetish for endurance sports. He decided to give his eating habits a makeover in the process, and excluding smoking was just a tip of the iceberg, mind you!

Milind Soman How He Quit Smoking-6

Positive Attitude

One of the key factors which prove instrumental in giving up smoking is an optimistic outlook. Keep the faith that giving up smoking is not going to mean the end of the world for you. It will give you a new life instead.

Making Cravings Stop

Once upon a time Soman would smoke 30 puffs a day and 20 cups of saccharine-sweet tea. Also he had a room with boxes of chocolates. Then one fine day, it all just vanished! How? Says he, “Once you stop, your body rejects them; there’s no craving.”

Food is Fuel

For smoking addicts the smoke oozing from their cigarette is supposedly their physical and mental fuel. Soman negates it stating that “Food is fuel.” But unless you don’t use the fuel, it’s just going to get wasted spreading to your hormones, making them act up! To spare yourself from this scenario, Soman advises that the body should stay occupied doing activity.

Milind Soman How He Quit Smoking-6

Good Nutrition

Soman clearly dismisses the belief that good nutrition has to do with the quantity of nutrient-intake. Rather, in order to maintain sound health he emphasizes you focus on the ‘quality of nutrients’ instead.

All-Round Discipline

Achieving change in you requires discipline – from mind, body and soul. Soman did this, and this has been key reason behind his all-round transformation.

Age is Just a Number

Closing in on 50, giving up smoking and leading himself into a new direction of life-change, Soman has proved that all things in life become achievable if you’re able to convince yourself and find the will to do it.

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