Mirchi and Mime – The new way of running hospitality business by bringing humanity and smartness at the forefront

‘Mirchi and Me’ is a restaurant in Mumbai. It is an extremely innovative concept of hiring deaf and mute as their staff to bring excellence in their services. They don’t believe that the people with disabilities are disabled rather the management of the restaurant feels that they are especially able.


In this place, to place any order you may have to use a sign language. If you fail to do so than you can straight away point your finger on the dish. The manager of the restaurant is also around to help you place your order comfortably. The management of the restaurant took a lot of care in providing these impaired employees a good training to start with.

A team of 27 members were recruited from different colleges and were trained for eight long weeks. The training had the basic three modules containing Life sciences, English language skills and job readiness. Mr Prashant Issar is the CEO of this company which runs this restaurant. He says that these people are much more dedicated and hospitable than the normal people around. Somehow in our Indian society we have always been cynical about these especially able people. Though God gave us everything but we do not have a heart big enough to help such people around.

The idea of hiring these people is to show to the world that these people are much better performers than their normal counterparts. A lot of inputs had to be given to train them to take up the role well. The CEO reports that they are very happy with their decision as their team is a lot more dedicated and efficient than teams at other restaurants and hotels.

Mirchi and Mime: website

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