Mode Gals v/s Guys: 100 Years of Fashion is amazing to watch

100 Years of Fashion Gals vs Guys Mode

Two things changes very fast, one is technology another is fashion. We have reached from stone age to digital age. Similarly, in fashion also it has changed over the time. Fashion is something which changes at fast speed. What we have today as fashion may not exist tomorrow. But there are few things which we wear are evergreen too. on their YouTube channel has uploaded a new video which showcases changes in fashion in last 100 years w.r.t. girls and boys. Important is that they just took two and half minutes to capture the journey of all 100 years. This is quite amazing. By spending these little over two minutes, you will become knowledge rich as far as fashion is concerned. So get ready for the knowledgeable session. Watch this video share and enjoy. Don’t forget to share your thoughts.


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