Monoamniotic Twins Jenna and Jillian were born holding hands ,surely insperable

Monoamniotic Twins Jenna and Jillian were born holding hands ,surely insperable
Pic: Facebook

Jenna and Jillian , adorable and cute twins were born in a ‘one in 10,000 monoamniotic birth’. The most memorable moment was at the time when they were delivered, the twins immediately reached out to hold each other’s hands – a moment that was captured on camera, the doctors were surprised too.

The girls were born on May 9, 2014. The twins were born 45 seconds apart and were healthy though there was great odds for them to survive! Monoamniotic births ( means they shared an amniotic sac in the womb) are a rare condition and affect one in a 10,000 where serious complications could arise. However the twins powered through and two years later, their bond is as strong so is their cute little smiles.

Their mom Sarah was on a 57-day bed rest to reduce the risks of her pregnancy and her joy new no bounds when she gave birth to two healthy girls.

The girls miss each other and get upset if one of them is not there.Sarah feels they’re definitely really close They like the same foods, love swimming and playing outside with same toys, as two peas in a pod.

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