Motivational Life Journey of Henry Ford: The Man Who Developed World’s Most Affordable Car

Motivational Life Journey of Henry Ford The Man Who Developed World’s Most Affordable Car

Henry Ford is one of the most admired Businessmen in the world who founded Ford Motor Company and made one of the most affordable cars.

He was so keen in dismantling and assembling things that once his father gifted him a pocket watch which Henry Ford dismantled and reassembled many times.

He didn’t know that his interest in assembling things will enable him to setup and effectively use automobile assembly line to manufacture most affordable car for the middle class people.

Coming from a middle class background Henry Ford with his focus, determination and innovation became one of the most successful and rich business person in the world.

Henry Ford started his career as apprentice machinist and ended up with Founder of the Ford Motor Company.

Henry Ford is very famous among Business Management People because his management styles are taught in Management classes.

“Fordism” is the word associated with him because he produced low cost products at high scale with optimum wages to workers. He doubled per day wage of most of his workers and surprised the industry.

Efforts of Henry Ford resulted into many business process improvements and innovations. Almost every automobile company in the world follows some sort of processes or techniques introduced by Henry Ford.

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