Motivational Story Behind Success of Rajat Sharma (Aap Ki Adalat)

Motivational Story of Rajat Sharma (PP)

His childhood was about seven brothers, an ailing mother, father and sister – living in a 10 x 10 room in old Delhi, without any water and electricity. I went to a municipality school. Studying at night meant sitting under the lamp post at a nearby railway station. Yet, I have fond memories of my childhood.

Describing his early days struggle in life, Rajat Sharma narrated an incident that made a huge impact on his life.

“Television was a huge thing in those days. Once I went to a neighbour’s house to watch the movie Shaheed Bhagat Singh but they didn’t let me enter. I returned home disappointed when my father told me to do something that I appear on television and people watch me. Those words stuck”, said India TV chairman.

“My father taught me to fight in life. He taught me to be fearless and never lose hope,” recalled Sharma.

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